Custom field bug?

@lubos I can see the Show custom field as a column option under custom field for payments but doesn’t show as column when activated. Please check.

It like that for many more custom fields e.g Receipts

I elevated this to Bug status.

Payments and receipts have never shown custom fields as columns. This was never implemented even though the option is available to check under custom fields.

The reason for that is that when you are looking at list of cash transactions, it is not list of just payments, receipts or transfers. It is a list of all three types of transactions combined. And each transaction type can have their own custom fields.

So before you will be able to see custom fields as columns on cash transactions, I’m thinking payments, receipts and transfers need to be merged into single transaction type. This has added benefit of being able to easy convert payment or receipt into transfer. Useful when importing bank statements. You might have a payment which is really a transfer. In current version you need to delete payment and create transfer from scratch which is a bit error-prone.

So anyway, custom field columns will be supported on cash transactions but before that is the case, there is something that has to be implemented before.

If cash transactions are going to be consolidated, I think it is important to not require users to figure out the sign of a transaction. Currently, all you have to do is decide whether you are spending, receiving, or transferring and the app figures out the rest. It’s hard to imagine anything more foolproof.

As an aside, I only elevated this topic to bug status because the option was available but didn’t work. Personally, I don’t think it is important to be able to show custom fields in the list. Maybe @Abeiku can explain a use case? Unless there is something important you can do, I would suggest removing the option.