Withholding tax custom field

I have create a custom field in Withholding taxes. I have check “Show custom field as a column”, but when i drill down in the “Withholding tax” in the main page of the program i Cannot see this column. Any help?

What do you mean by

I have create a custom field in Withholding taxes

There is nothing in the Custom Field settings called Withholding taxes

Have you entered any data into the custom field?

Also without screen images of the various edit screens involved it is difficult to give more than general recommendations

Of course you can create a custom field for withholding taxes

Of course I have entered data in the custom field

Where does that come from?

I do not have a category Withholding Tax anywhere

Can you show the full screen, please

If you had shown an edit screen of the custom field with data in ti, I would not have to ask.

And even now, I only have your word for it. I am sure you are correct but my experience of debugging IT problems has led me to be very cagey of what users say they have or have not done. Sorry, no offence meant

I fyou go to
Settings - > Custom Field
You will see that you can create a custom field for Withholding Tax.
There you can choose the new custom field to be

I have checked those two check boxes, I can see the custom field in the printed documents but not as a column when I drill down in Withholding taxes in the main window of manager

and here is the "withholding taxes in the main windows, i drill down.

second from the button

Maybe you can not see withholding taxes, because you don’t use it, but you can see it if you enter an amount in a sale invoice. If you still cant find withholding tax, don’t bother.
I am just looking for a solution, no offense meant

I do not have a Withholding tax field in Settings/Custom field, so yes this must be something to do with using Withholding Tax

I do not see where you set up Withholding taxes. Is it a localisation download?

OK - I see these accounts appear when you click the Withholding tax option s on a Sales Invoice along with the Withholding Tax setting in Custom Fields

However I do not see where you enter data into the Withholding Tax Custom field nor where it is displayed or listed

Joe, you will see it if in sales invoice you check the
“Deduct withlolding tax”


But don’t bother, someone else will answer

I have moved this topic to the bugs category, but not for the reason you think, @pandhm.

I’ve put this into bugs because I believe the option to create a custom field for the Withholding tax account should not appear at all.

A custom field will appear on a page in Manager tagged as form. Examples are Edit screens for invoices, payments, customer definitions, tax codes, payslips, and all the other things you see on the Custom Fields page under Settings. When the box to show the custom field on printed documents is checked, its contents appear on the corresponding page tagged as view.

You will notice that there is no option for creating a custom field for any other account on that Settings page. Why should there be one for the automatic Withholding tax account? There is no form on which that custom field could appear and receive input. Withholding tax is something calculated from a sales invoice’s balance, more like a discount or rounding amount.

EDIT (see post #16): This topic was taken back out of the bugs category. I interpreted @pandhm’s original post as a complaint that the custom field did not appear in a drill-down on the Withholding tax account. And it should not.

But I did not address appearance of the custom field on the page tagged withholding-tax-receivable, which is where it might conceivably appear. The field actually applies to pages tagged withholding-tax-receipt-form.

It is on the Withholding Tax Receipt. I can’t think of a use for it though.

Ah, thank you, @AJD. Actually, I can think of uses. It might just be a Notes field, or it might contain information on the specific authority to which remittance is made (if more than one). That form has changed since the relevant Guide was written. That is why I couldn’t find it. I will edit my previous post.

As to why this field does not appear as a column, all custom fields are defined using the same software form. That form includes the two checkboxes for showing as a column and appearing on printed documents. But the program does not use that information for every custom field, depending on where the custom field applies. So far as I am aware, columns appear only at the tab level, not at lower level drill-downs.

So I am taking this topic out of the bugs category.

Well, the reason I want this is to create a custom field to be shown as a column in order to check that the tax authorities are informed about the specific amount

This hasn’t been implemented because there isn’t really a list of withholding tax receipts. There is ledger for withholding tax payable by customer but that is different.

There will be a tab for withholding tax receipts, so when that is implemented, you will see your custom columns there.

@lubos , I think here it could be used as a column: