Cash account custom fields not showing on printed documents

@lubos This update is causing problems to us while using printed receipts and payments as I need to go to “edit” of each individual transaction to see if its a bank or cash transaction and furthermore to which particular bank or cash account.
I remember that you came with a workaround adding a custom field to bank and cash account so that it appears in every printed receipts and payments. I noticed that bank receipts and payments still appears in the printed versions by those customs fields whilst cash receipts and payments don’t. Please have a look!

@raj, you have illustrated an example where things work as you want. Can you illustrate an example with a cash account where they don’t?

I believe he needs a cash receipt to say cash receipt but the bank receipt to say receipt

Given the current updates The common title is receipts

Please clarify


Hi Tut, this is the cash receipt where the custom field doesn’t appear

I hope no problem with the new update indicating “Receipt” to all sort of bank and cash receipt/payments.
I just need the custom field and it’s data to appear in all printed cash receipts and cash payments as it works in bank receipts and bank payments. Pls see my last post

I can duplicate this problem and have moved it to the bugs category.

Please make sure 21%20AM this is CHECKED… under setting… 18%20AM

58%20AM 02%20AM

Raj… Make sure you check BOTH of these areas…

@tahanasar I have checked and made sure that “show custom field on printed documents” is checked in the custom field tab.
My form defaults data for bank/cash receipts/payments is empty as I choose it manually due to having multiple accounts.

Fixed in the latest version (18.9.5)