Show Custom Field as a column option for Payment, Receive and transfer

Show custom field as a column option is badly needed for Payment, receipts and transfer when I look into the cash accounts.

I need this to be able to search for transactions using their cheque numbers which I have created.
An Idea
@Lubos you may also make it possible that, a custom field can be created for Cash Transactions
Which will be active during a Spend, Receive and Transfer money transaction. You can then eliminate custom fields settings for Payment and Receipts which wouldn’t be necessary.

This way I would create a custom feild called Instrument #, which I will enter cheque numbers during cash transactions. In payment transactions I will enter our cheque #s and in receive money I will enter Instrument #s of the cheque or whatever the payer gives my company.

Cheques are very much still used in my part of the world you know and this will help users solve many other problems as well.

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I’m behind this idea too. The only issue is that Spend money, Receive money and Transfer money are all three separate forms so you’d have to create three identical custom fields, an approach which I don’t like.

What I need to do is to merge these three forms into one. This just technical issue, nothing major should change for end user. As a bonus, once this is implemented it would be easy to convert spend money transaction into transfer money transaction (useful when importing bank statements and everything is either spend money or receive money).

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That is what I meant when I said custom feild for cash transactions. So the column will be one. Unlike having separate custom feild settings which will mean many columns as well.
I mean One column for all cash transactions with one custom feild