Show Custom Field as column bug

I am trying to setup a non-inventory item drop down field which shows as a column. I can see the field in the non-inventory item for the product itself, but it does not show in the non-inventory list of items.

I have some working custom columns in inventory, so I thought that I would do a test there by creating a new column - again same issue. I can see the drop down field in the in the inventory product item, but do not see it in the inventory list of items.

Unless I have forgotten how to do it - its no longer working!

Just tried updating to latest version - no effect.

I can duplicate this problem. I’ll elevate this as a bug.

I cannot reproduce this problem for inventory items. Both previous and new custom fields checked to show as columns do so, even if no inventory items have anything in the custom field.

Might be the difference between windows and mac, but I can no longer add any custom columns in inventory either.

Well, the topic is set to Bugs status. If behavior is different for Windows, @lubos will be able to replicate it.

The latest version (17.4.52) will show custom field as a column in the list of non-inventory items.

As for custom fields in inventory items, I can’t reproduce this issue. When I create a custom field for inventory items, it shows properly.

Thank you I can confirm that this is now fixed. Not sure what the problem for inventory items was, but its now working! Fixed