Custom column Field for Purchase Invoice Items

I would like to add a custom column for Purchase Invoice Items to list which supplier I get the item from. However while I can create a custom field, I don’t have the opportunity to “show custom field as a column”. Would it be possible to change this.

Isn’t in the purchase invoice there’s a column that the supplier to be selected ?

Yes for Purchase Invoices. But I am not talking about the actual Purchase Invoices. I am talking about purchase invoice items which can be found in settings!

Still, if you enter name of supplier to purchase invoice item, where do you expect custom field to show? And what purpose would it serve?

The point is because I don’t always remember where I bought certain items, so I need to have the supplier listed with the purchase invoice item, so that when I want to re-order I know where I got it from.

It doesn’t have to be in the column I guess, but it would make it consistent inventory items where I have a custom column for suppliers as well. The purpose it serves I guess, is so that if I need to get multiple items I can see which supplier each item is from without having to open each purchase invoice item. In purchase invoice item view, we currently have code, name, description and price. I was thinking of having the suppliers column next to description.

I see what you mean now, you don’t want to show it on actual purchase invoice. Just show it as a column when viewing list of purchase invoice items, correct?

Yes that is correct. Thanks

Any ETA on this. If its a long job, I can wait as I know that you have plenty to do, but if its a quick fix, would be appreciated if this could be added in the next update as this is becoming more and necessary!

I’m planning to merge Sales Invoice Items and Purchase Invoice Items to single concept called Non-inventory Items.

The main reason is that these items could be then used on any transaction such as payments/receipts, not just invoices (they can already be used on quotes, purchase orders etc.)

So when non-inventory items are implemented and if I forget about this custom field functionality, just remind me and I’ll add it.

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One suggestion that I can make is to move this non-inventory items to a new tab. It never made sense to have inventory items and invoices etc and anything else with data in a tab, but purchase and sales invoice items in settings! I would move it out of settings as its not a setting, but actual data! Just my thoughts on that.