Showing, searching & exporting columns for custom fields (inventory items)

I’ve defined custom fields for Inventory Items (SKU code, colors, etc).

Is it possible to show these custom fields in the Inventory Items view, so that I can search/filter my inventory based on the custom fields?

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Not right now but the plan is to add function that will allow to select which columns you want to see on each view. I didn’t get around doing this yet but it will be possible early next year.

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Alright, sounds great! Looking forward to that.

Thanks again!

On a related note on custom fields, currently exporting data from inventory does not include the custom fields.

Are there any updates on enhancements on custom fields, particularly exporting custom fields for inventory items?


Has this functionality been created yet? If not, in the meantime, I’ve also added custom fields to my inventory list - are these searchable on from a reporting point of view?

Thanks very much

Check the latest version (15.3.38). When you go to edit custom field for inventory item, you can now check to box “Visible as column in the list” which will make the custom field appear as a column on inventory items list.

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That’s great! Thanks.
Would it be possible to have the same thing on the customer tab?

Thank you so much Lubos. Keep going, I pray for your success.

That’s great - thanks very much for the response… how do I update my system with the latest version - I did a software update but it didn’t pick it up?

No worries - fixed it!! Thanks very much again.

@itmoto, OK - added to the latest version (15.3.41)

Big thank you!