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I have only e store in ( and I would like to link my live sales with my Manager Accounting software, does this software have this features to do so?

I am looking like to link my products Inventory between them, whenever anything sold online Manager can get the same effect as I don’t need to do double entry every time and also effect my sales same time.

Please help if I can do that or if there is any sort of plugins can do that between them as others like QuickBooks and few others can do that, but I am happy with Manager I don’t need to change it.

You should develop your own custom plugin with Manager APIs

Thanks for your quick response, Can I get the API links of Manager to connect my plugins?

I try to check the API URL it’s not working!

Does the Desktop version also have the ability to connect with the API?

No. Only server and cloud edition

Thanks for your kind help, any help on the API page?

Hi Saeed! Did you find a solution for this?

i’m also looking to open a shopify store and want to find a way where product sales can be automatically deducted from Manager’s inventory.

@lubos any possibility or ideas to this? I have been managing my inventory via Manager since I have both retail and credit customers. If I use Shopify to retail customers and do a single entry income for sales, it’s fine. But how do I manage inventory here?

Pls advise and help! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “here”?
When you enter a total sales invoice from Shopify with details of quantity and values of sales by product, that will reduce your inventory.
Presumably you will get a daily total of sales quantity and value by product

I don’t think you will get an automatic integration, but you could use the batch create using a file extract from shopify and excel to get it in the correct format

Ho Novone,

Well the only solution I got to move from Manager to Odoo where I have full tow way automatic inventory connection, for Manager is the best, but when it comes to business automation you have not choice we have to look for the best to our business.

Thanks & Regards,

Saeed Al Suwaidi

thanks @Joe91 for interacting. here means in Manager. The easiest way as mentioned by other users earlier was to record your Shopify sales as an income at end of the day. But then, your inventory will not be reduced. In order to do that, I guess I have to do a invoice for all items sold on Shopify for that day.

I wanted to see if I could automate that, instead of manually entering all my product sales data of Manager to Shopify


Odoo seems to be a bit expensive.

I guess if I need to manage inventory in Manager, I will have to manually record all Shopify sales entries for each day right?

@lubos waiting for your feedback too.

You could use a template and batch create an invoice with all the details required such as the code for the customer and item

If you enter one invoice into Manager with all the inventory items on it and then do a batch update, you will get a spreadsheet which will have the codes required to do a batch create. This could serve as a template for entering the daily sales - quantities and/or value.

Depending on the output available from Shopify, you could probably manage to use Excel to fill this template in autmatically