WooCommerce integration

This has been raised a few times 3-4 years ago.

With more people moving into online ecommerce there is a growing need to have effective automated ways of managing accounts for home based businesses.

One of the most common plugins is WooCommerce and there are various tax plugins like taxjar which would need to inter-phase with the accounting package.

I believe there is a plugin to link Zero and Quickbooks, but will there be one for Manager?

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I think these are the links you were referring to

There are also API

and payment gateways

Most appear to be independently developed by third party provides. I suspect asking such provides maybe more fruitful as I think was implied here

and here

@Patch yes, that’s exactly what I’m referring to.

I’m neither a programmer nor accountant, but rather a self taught entrepreneur, running multiple home based businesses, so my main focus is on products, marketing, shipping logistics etc.

One of my businesses uses Manager (which I’m very pleased with), but it is more traditional B2B with formal RFQ, Quote, PO & Invoice and direct debit transactions, fewer in number and higher in value.

However I’m in advanced stages of launching an online drop-shipping business with USA, Canada, EU, UK & Aus/NZ markets (so multiple currency)

The website had WooCommerce plugin so anything I use for accounting will need to be able to inter-phase with this plugin.

As this business model would be high volume smaller value transactions, I will be looking for something very automated.