Manager integration with webshop

I want to develop a website that includes a webshop and I would like this webshop to be able to read and extract info already on Manager, such as available quantities and prices. I would also like the webshop to be able to update the info in Manager once a sales is done (basically update the quantity on hand).

I read some posts about the API but I am not sure this can help with what I need.

Any suggestions?

With the API you can do all the CRUD operations, ie Create, Read, Update and Delete data.

Thanks. So where and how do I get the API?

In the server edition, you have to connect to your url /api, authenticating with and administrator account

OK. So I cannot use the API with the cloud version?

Sorry I am not an expert. I will ask my guys from the web company to look into this.


Cloud version, from what I know it’s the same of server version. So it should work

OK so where do we get the API from? How? Sorry but I don’t really understand how this all works so I need to know the extact process for getting it

@mauroskov - it depends what URL you access your instance from.

For example, let’s just say that your Manager instance is located here:

In that case, your API is accessible from the following URL: Manager Cloud

Note: The questions you are asking indicate that you most likely do not have the technical expertise to query the API yourself. You may wish to hire a local programmer to do it for you.

We are facing an issue with the API. All info about the inventory items is pulled by the website that we are building, but something very important is not being pulled… the quantity on hand. In fact this information is not contained in the item’s page but comes from the calculations resulting from Goods receipt, Sales invoices etc.

Any idea is this info can be pulled and how?

@lubos told us that he’s going to publish new APIs in a couple of weeks (he said that a week ago so you shouldn’t wait long)