Is anyone using Manager and any of the ecommerce systems (OpenCast, Magento, PrestaShop, …) ?

I’m looking into what it would take to have an online shop, and especially how I can integrate it with an accounting system, preferably Manager, since I am starting to like it !

Alternatively, how advanced or far away is the import/export or API to write the synchronisation mechanism myself ? I am a programmer and would happily spend some time on this.


I was looking at this myself due to the fact that it looks like it could easily be integrated into a backend PHP or CF console. I noticed that all views in Manager are HTML which in turn leads me to believe that posting entries into the server version should be straight forward.

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I use magento and would love it if manager could integrate with it. It would be a fantastic add on. @lubos is there a possibility for this to happen?

Right now, it’s possible to interact with API only using .NET language such as C#, VB.NET or similar.

I imagine in future, there could be libraries for PHP and other languages.

So short answer is that it’s unlikely that Manager will be integrated with eCommerce shops in upcoming months. But it is something that could be done sometime next year once PHP is supported (since majority of these eCommerce solutions are written in PHP).

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Just have to make sure server complies with PCI for CC transactions.

@lubos it would be really great to have it sync with online marketplaces. There are many small businesses on Etsy and Amazon. I read that Etsy does have their API available for 3rd parties to use.
This would be very helpful for auto-sync of buyer transactions, marketplace fees, etc. It would be a great time saver, as an online shop potentially transacts hundreds of items per month.

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Hey Lubos.

Any update on PHP support for API. I would like to integrate Manager with WooCommerce at the earliest. Please revert soonest.

Thanks for great job.

Maybe I can help you with that, I’m creating A PHP client library for Manager IO. It’s still on development… I’ll keep you all posted.

Is there already something available?

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