Can I connect the system with the online store?

Can I connect the system with the online store?

No one can answer that question with no information.

I have an online store for a charity and it contains donations. Can I link the online store so that a receipt voucher is issued automatically for each donation process?

What I meant is that every successful payment in the online store is automatically recorded on the manager’s system

Can you export a copy of the donations from the online store?

Do you need to record every donation in Manager individually or would a daily or weekly total be sufficient?

There are so many ways to do this, that without a lot of more detailed information, it is impossible to give a definitive answer

Individually it is better but if daily it is also good
How is that and what detailed information is required so that I can get an answer

Understand that, fundamentally, Manager does nothing automatically. It is an accounting program, not a transaction processing platform. You—or your hired developer—can do a lot through the API, but that is beyond the scope of this forum. Basically, anything you want to do will need to be initiated by you.

The lack of detail you are providing suggests you may not have the skills necessary to conceive and manage such a project. First, you would need to create a test business and learn what Manager will do and how it works. Only then can you begin to think about what accounting functions might be automated.

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I regret that, knowing that my request is clear and I have the skills. I also have a copy of the Manage with an annual subscription and I work on it

This is a simplification of the question I have an online store
The customer purchased a commodity from him and paid the value of the commodity
Currently, I am printing a statement from the store and manually entering the invoices into the manager’s system
My request was, is there a mechanism to link the online store and the manager to enter these invoices directly without manual intervention, and if there is, how do I get them?
Thank you for your patience and interaction with me

Can I ask questions in Arabic?

Your request was clear from the beginning and as @Tut explained “Manager does nothing automatically” so the simple answer is No.

هل استطيع استيرادها من ملف csv

Can i import it from csv file

You can either use the API and your own server to submit receipts to Manager.
Or use the Batch Update feature explained here which is similar to using a csv file.

Not without you (directly or by employing a programmer to) creating the programming code to do that.

While this maybe correct, your questions strongly suggest to me that is very unlikely to be the case.

I strongly recommend you speak to a local programmer you trust to scope the task you would like. It may not be financially viable for you.

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