Share Trading in bulk

I’ve been using the inventory functionality to share trade - but now i have over 60 trades to process and feel overwhelmed - can manager bulk process share trades ? or am I looking at other software ?

I would not personally use Manager for that purpose. There are too many regulatory requirements to calculate, keep track of, and report for which Manager is not well suited. In my experience, online trading and portfolio management tools from brokers are much better adapted, relieving you of the need to keep up with legal changes, etc.

That said, read the Guide on batch operations:

How do you register the share trading? Directly with Receipts and Payments? In this case you can batch create them.

I thought so…I have a batch of csv transactions I can use but @Tut do you have any software recommendations or know of any software that will process transactions in bulk for share trading? preferably offline software that can run on a desktop ?

No. In line with what I wrote, I perform all trades online through a broker. Their software does valuation, performance calculation and charting, etc. And necessary tax reporting happens automatically. But trading shares is not my business. It’s an investment.

I don’t know how you expect to trade offline anyway. You might track your activity, but you are going to need to go online to execute trades, unless you are giving instructions to someone by phone.

sorry for the misunderstanding - trades are done online but analysis and reporting on desktop … though the platform we use to trade does do the basics required for the ATO… thanks again