Complete Purchase /Sale transaction with AutoFill

Hello Manager Team

Indeed it’s a good and simple software. I appreciate your efforts. Today when using it for the first time and did many things. One thing which I noted was while executing purchase and sale transactions. Firstly I had to add 81 products one by one. I had product data in excel and I was wondering if I could just upload it somehow in Manager to add inventory. Please let me know if that is possible. Secondly, I created a purchase order where I added line items and added each product one by one. Can’t there be a check box type list where one can just click the multiple products and type quantity to make a purchase order in really efficient and faster way. Thirdly, when I made purchase invoice, I typed order number of the purchase order, instead there could have been a drop down list of open purchase orders to make life easier. Then I again had add all the products one by one where in my opinion all the products with their quantity could have been listed below of the purchase order selected and user could have just deleted the products not yet received or could have adjusted the quantity if there was any discrepancy in quantity. Lastly, when making goods receipts, again despite typing purchase order reference instead of selecting it from drop down menu and yet again I had to add all the items received one by one where all the items under the purchase order could have been listed below for user to remove products not received or adjust the received quantity in case of any difference. Either I don’t know how to use this software or this software needs improvement which can really turn this software in a real class. Moreover, if anyone can explain how can I record expenses while creating liability of a vendor from which I have acquired services. Looking forward for your support. Thanking you in anticipation.


You can batch create inventory. Read the guide:

You can use the “Copy to” function to copy purchase orders to purchase invoices, and to copy purchase invoices to goods receipts. Read the guide: