Up loading bulk data


Is there a way to upload the sales data to the system from excel/csv files??? or any other format down loaded from another operating system…

No. Batch operations only apply to customers, suppliers, inventory items, employees, and assets. See the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager,

However, something that might be of interest is the API - if you have any programming experience, or can hire someone that does.

Some basic searching on the forums earlier this morning told me that the REST API gives access to pretty much everything in Manager, including both GET and PUT actions, so if you set yourself up on either the Cloud or Server edition, it may be possible to generate an API key and access it that way to input data.

I intend to play around with the API myself soon but haven’t had a chance yet (only been using Manager for a few days!) - so I recommend that you do your own searching if the API is something you want to consider, and don’t take just my word for what it can / cannot do.

I have just had a look. I can confirm that there are a large number of items that can be updated:

  • Bank Rules
  • Customers / Suppliers
  • Sales Invoice / Purchase Invoices
  • Exchange Rates
  • etc

I suggest you create a trial account on Cloud edition and then visit [subdomain].manager.io/api - enter “administrator” as the username, followed by the password used when signing up.

A local developer can most likely write a small script for you that will read your files and add them to your database using the API. Once that is done, you can export your file and continue using it on the Desktop edition (if that’s what you’re using).