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I give up. Downloaded latest Manager, read all the tips and hints but still can’t get the email to work.
STMP PORT 587 USER NAME wnwilsonnz
PASSWORD doublechecked.
ERROR MESSAGE WILSON WN 2018-19 (2018-10-12) - Email Settings —
The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at

For general email set up
For normal gmail accounts have a look at
For Google G Suite

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Thanks. Did all that with no luck. Don’t know where to now.

Do you have an ordinary gmail account or Google suite account?
In gmail have you enabled two step verification or not?
If using 2 stem verification did you generate an app password? Which password are you using in Manager?

Hi Patch
Ordinary Gmail. No to two-step. 1 manager1.

I did accept Gmail Addition of allowing low standard data.

Regards Wayne

For your info: I found two ways to set up Gmail and tried both with no luck.

One asks for SMTP username only and the other asks for email address??

Where does the 2nd screenshot come from?

My version of Manager (19.7.7) only has the first screenshot

I have a simple Gmail account, no 2 step and just enter as below

Ordinary gmail. No two step. Password : 1manager1


Found on the forum For general email set up




Try this: Create an Gmail account.

Enter the Gmail details under Settings tab, then Email Settings .

  • Set Email address to your Gmail email address
  • Set Hostname to and port to 587
  • Set Username to your Gmail email address.
    Set Password to your Gmail password

are the emails sent via manager (yahoo or gmail) stored in sent folder in the emal web interface ?

Yes, emails are sent via Manager’s sent folder.

i meant in the sent box of yahoo or gmail, and from what i have seen it does not

16/7/2019 I am having the same issue. I have given up at this point. am raising invoice and attaching to an email to the customer.
Surely there is a simple fix.
If they can put a man on the moon so they must be able to fix this simple issue for us. I love Manager however will have to change if I cant fix the email issue.

To begin with, @Lorra_Amede, “I am having the same issue” provides no information with which anyone can help you. You haven’t told us anything about your settings, nor have you mentioned your email provider. At least post a screen shot of your email settings.

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sorry was not thinking.

currently using and have authorised third party through Gmail dashboard.
decided to download
Now I can not find where to put the new information as it MANAGER .io is telling me I need to update my version.
cannot find the update version information.
thanks Lorra

Thanks to everyone for their help. Still getting log in error. The only gray area could have been password but used an old computer and loaded gmail on it using my known password verified by my lastpass program and updated manager and still got error message. Gave up and reverted to. PDF and regular email.
Thanks again for your help.

Did you really use your gmail address in the field [Username] as Andries suggested. I saw that you did use [wnwilsonnz] as your Username in former post. Normally in Gmail the username is the same as your Gmailaddress, so it ends at

No, full email address

You update the same way you originally installed. Read the appropriate Guide: