Setting user in business


Can I suggest a new improvement if possible as below:


Image above means, can you provide friendly setting in each business to set user?

Thanks @lubos

You are misunderstanding the purpose of the page you show.

A business in Manager is an accounting entity, that is, the company or organization. A user is the individual authorized to perform functions with the software. One user is frequently authorized to see and use only one business. Some users might have permission for several businesses, either because the businesses are the user’s clients (for bookkeeping, for example) or because they are involved with the operation of several business entities.

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Yes @Tut My suggestion is to create the same page if possible, for the business in manager. So that we can assign directly the user from the page.

At the same time, we can view how many user involved in the business.

Thanks for your reply @Tut

Users are under control of the Administrator, who might not be anyone at the business. Your suggestion might reveal information the Administrator does not want to reveal to people he or she does not want to see it.

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Perhaps this will happen. Currently the main issue is that when you backup a business, user permissions for the business are not part of the backup because user permissions are set on user level, not on business level.

So when restoring a business, all user permissions need to be re-created. I have a solution to this problem and ability to set user permissions the way you have shown on screenshot will probably be a side-effect of the new implementation.

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I think there should be a user who can add other users and assign roles at business level but not beyond his level of functions. This user can then be given permission by the Admin when being given settings roles…

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Yes @lubos. after restoring a business, all user permissions need to be re-created as usual. But administrator surely have the user records and might be easy for admin to re-create.

My concern is that, how administrator can friendly view the user for each business as per user control page I snapshot earlier.

The friendly page to monitor user per business might help administrator and increase security and confidentiality of the business database.

Thank you @lubos and @Tut for your response.

Hope to your suggestion if any.