Feature request: Different Languages for different companies

Hello! Please, please add the subj (saving language not for system, but for business).It will be very helpfull to work with many companies at the same time.

See this thread

For us is not so important the language for User. Users can read different languages.
But we have different business in different counties, and Clients from the countries.
Each Business must be managed on the local language (Send-Documents, Reports to GOV, etc…).
Users forget to swith Language and docs will be sent per mail, f.ex., on the wrong language. Not good.

@Feofan, this is not a change that is likely to occur. The possibility for each user to specify their own language was implemented because many businesses operate in multiple countries and employ personnel who speak various languages. Forcing everyone in a business to use the same language could mean that some users are not able to read the transactions they are creating.

You are requesting the program to go backwards in time where the situation described above was common. As a moderator, I will not even put the topic into the ideas category for discussion.

… I dont want to change the possibility. Own user language is very good. But I want an extantion for it.
“Forcing everyone in a business to use the same language…” is a wrong undersanding. The property must be sinply per user and per business. May be global property, business property and user property.
But if it is not possible…

You explicitly asked to select a language for the entire business.

Making it per user means it cannot be per business or global.

But making it per business means it cannot be global or per user. For many systems it is a good solution.