Make users choose localization when creating new business

Last year I experienced in the Duch market that most new users start setting up their business, not knowing that there is a localisation file which is necessary to do proper VAT registration and reporting.
I would sugges t that the guide is modified in such a way that in this guide it is emphasized that they first have to check whether there is a localisation file and that they import that file in Manager.
I realyy saves them and very often me a lot of work in recoding transactions after they have discovered that the VAT return form is missing because of not having imported the localisation file.

So please modify this guide. It really saves a lot of extra work, frustration and questions on the forum.

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Well, we have localizations for 6 countries only at this point. Hopefully more will be added soon.

I don’t think this issue is as much with the guide as it is with Manager not nudging users the right direction.

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@Lubos, You are right. Nudging users the right direction is the best solution. When can we expect this feature to be included in Manager :wink: Would be very useful but maybe for the time being: is it an idea to modify the guide anyway?

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Added to the latest version (21.10.32)


When you select Country while creating new business, Manager will import anything that is relevant to bootstrap new accounting file in specific country.

For existing businesses, you should make sure Country field is set under Business Details.


This will ensure the business has access to all country-specific functionality available today and in the future.

Changing country under Business Details is safe. It will just toggle visibility of country-specific features. So changing to country B, then back to country A won’t mess up anything.

I’m in the process of writing a guide how users can contribute new country template into Manager and how to improve existing country templates.


We have businesses in different countries with different languages. I noticed that trying v21.10.33 the new business in a selected non-English location did not translate to that location. When changing the language for that business, all businesses become that language. It would be important to ensure that each business localization also would be in the appropriate language and preserved for each unless the user wants it “translated”.

@eko language is global user-preference. It’s not information stored in the business file.

@lubos Thanks for this solution. It helps news users in setting up their business in the right way and it avoids “mistakes” in their initial setup.
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Very useful work. Thanks a lot. However, I think we have to wait for some time to see our country.

@ATMCAssociates it will be easier than you think. Have a look at Contribute new country template

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Thank you so much. I will contribute to this project in coming days. As our business language is English I think I have to mention country name in English instead of local language Sinhala.

Some countries could have two templates. For example, Canada would have one in English and one in French.

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Can you please add the possibility under Extensions not only to export settings but also to import them?

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