Setting dates on reports while being a restricted User (View, Create)

Greetings everyone.
I have users running manager but some of them are restricted users. (the can only View and Create). They create invoices and make payments to our customers. Also they can access to Customer Statements because sometimes our customers ask for their statements. But I have one problem here. As some users are restricted users they cannot set an specific date to view. I would like to know if it is possible to change that Update button to something else, so this way the restricted users can acces to the customer statement with the desired date to view. I don’t think configuring dates should be restricted to our Restricted Users.

Unfortunately this is currently a limitation you won’t be able to overcome. I have mentioned before, customer/supplier statements still needs some work to be done on them as the way they work is inconsistent from other parts of the system. So when that is done, this issue will be resolved as a side-effect.

Thanks for replying @lubos. This will be a great help when implemented.

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This has been resolved in the latest version (21.2.7).

When setting up user permissions, you can set them individually per each functional tab. So restricted user can be View, Create for most screens except for customer statements where they can be View, Create, Update.