Restricted users from viewing others sales Invoices

When I have two or three restricted users with access only to Sales invoices, I would like to have an option to restrict my Salespeople from viewing each other’s invoices… Is this possible? As the number of users and the size of operations increases, this will slowly become a critical issue for me to avoid confidential sales invoices being leaked out.

Please search the forum before starting new topics. This question has been addressed many times.

I checked all topics but nothing has been answered for this topic. Please help me to fix this issue.

This is not possible

I kind have the same problem as you. I don’t want my employers to see each others invoices.

What I did when I bought Manager was: I added different businesses and assigned a user to each business, so they can work on their own business and in this case, they will only see the invoices they do. The problem for me is, that I have to collect every invoice my employers made along the day form each business, and capture it in a General Business. Is kind of a double work but at least I have more control of the situation.

In my case this is what I did and I think is the only thing you can do to fix your problem. (or at least I think is the only possible way).


Thank you for your response and advise but I think they should fix this and add some new features to be able customize the restrictions . I have used several accounting systems and all of them was serve this option.

Thank you ,

Hello, I don’t think fix is the right word here, to fix something is to repair something, for example a bug.
When I saw your request I tried to know the use of such a feature and I think this feature wouldn’t be bad.
Let say you have 3 branches in the country and you wouldn’t want transactions generated in Branch X to be shown in Branch Y records for the workers who enter sales invoices, purchase invoices and quotes, estimates, etc even though automatic referencing will be intact and will generate reference numbers accross branches (Invoice 20001 was generated in Y branch, the next invoice if generated in X branch will be 20002)

Now in my view I don’t think it will be possible to bring a feature that hides transactions of users from other users.
In my branch example for instance if a customer walks in with a complaint about something he bought the previous day but the seller is off duty the current day, how is the seller going to track the transaction?

Here is my suggestion. I have actually requested for this feature in the past somewhere (not sure). I requested for the ability to hide cash or bank account from limited users and it an amazing feature. So here goes, I think if @lubos introduces visibility based on assigned Tracking code it would be better.

If restricted users are limited to a tracking code or assigned Tracking codes which could be for a branch, for a department, for a salesman, for a showroom or for an agent, this problem will be solved. Limited users in Branch X won’t see generated transactions in Branch Y. The branch operations Manager however may have access to all the necessary tracking codes and may easily help a customer who has gone to a new branch to get help on an item he bought in another branch.

Also, users wouldn’t always need to go through a list of tracking codes to select their correct tracking code (home branch, or salesman code etc) thereby allowing speedy data entry and avoiding mistakes with selection of tracking codes (only applicable or assigned tracking codes will be displayed).

This same feature could be extended to Inventory locations. A limited user in Loss Angeles need not to see New York and Miamy locations in the drop down when generating an invoice for a buyer at location Los Angeles.
Reconciliation of errors caused by this not needed branches can be very dauting. Locations should be assigned to limited users to avoid all these mistakes and problems and also allow for fast data entry without worrying about mistakes.

So going forward we have come very far with manager and the application is getting better every week but we still have some miles to go on user permissions and controls.
What say you @lubos

It has been suggested in other topics to have Create Option with the ability to print it could solve most of the users issue