Suggestion for session date option

Currently, when a new transaction is created in Manager the current date automatically defaults into the date field in the transaction. This date can be changed manually. However, there are occasions when a series of transactions need to be created in Manager that occurred in the past & which need to be back-dated to the date they actually occurred.
An instance would be if a series of purchase/sales invoices & payments/receipts from them need to be created in Manager that occurred in the past (couldn’t be created on the actual date because of unavoidable circumstances).
When creating an invoice the invoice date can be manually changed from the current date to the actual date that the transaction occurred in the past & the transaction can be saved. Then, when the receipt or payment transaction is created from the invoice the date now defaults back to the current date instead of retaining the date that was entered on the invoice.
Is it possible to create a “Session Date” check-box option in Manager that would allow a user to set a default date that the system would default to when a new transaction is created in any of the modules? Normally the date would default to the current date on a new transaction, but the “Session Date” check box could be checked & a date entered that would remain in effect for that session or that could be changed to a different one, as required. Closing the Manager application would cause the system to default back to the current date the next time it is launched.

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Please do not divert topics with unrelated issues. Your post had nothing to do with report dates, which virtually guaranteed it would be ignored. It has been moved to a new topic.

Sorry for the error Tut. I am relatively new to the forum & don’t know the ins & outs very well. I did a search on topics & so I added my post to the only topic I could find that had anything to do with dates.



You don’t need a “session date” function, you just need Manager to retain the date of the last transaction to be the date for the next transaction. So if you enter a transaction for 10/11/2018, the next transaction date is 10/11/2018 and not have it revert to 26/11/2018 being the current date. Then if you edit your next transaction to be 12/11/2018, then the next transaction displays 12/11/2018.

Hi Brucanna
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree that the date of the last transaction is retained when a new transaction is created in the same module but if you switch modules & enter a new transaction the date switches back to the current date. Actually where I would find the session date check box most valuable is when I create an Invoice transaction that occurred in the past in the Sales or Purchase module & then want to create a same-day receipt or payment by clicking the new New Receipt or New Payment button at the top of the invoice screen. When I do that the date on the newly created receipt or payment switches back to the current date. I can’t count how many times I have had to go back into a receipt or payment transaction & correct the date (often not discovered until a month end reconciliation is performed). It seems like a small problem but can take a lot of time to find the transactions with the incorrect dates. I notice some other accounting software packages allow one to set a session date. Hoping this clarifies the concern & can make it onto the software improvement list.

@dmclain, I suspect that you and many others would experience just as many errors if your suggestion were implemented, and possibly more. With the current implementation, it is certainly possible to forget to put in the old date when making a late entry. But at least the behavior is consistent. Imagine how many times one might check a “session date” option and forget to uncheck it. Then dozens or even hundreds of transactions might need to be corrected. The current approach is consistent, and research on interfaces clearly shows the advantage of consistency in training users and reducing errors.

I would like to agree with the OP on this topic. If the date is defaulted to the last entry date during a session (this assumes when you close and reopen manager it would default back to current date) it would make multi entry of past transaction quicker.

I don’t agree with you Tut, for all users who only use the current date, it would be basically unchanged from current. Those affected would mostly be those who are adding transactions that occurred on past dates. The toggle could be located in the options menu for default fields, this would remove the random person who would otherwise not use the feature from forgetting.

I am going to make the assumption that the OP, like myself, update Manager on a weekly (or longer) basis rather than day to day. For my business, i use Manager to track much more than day to day finances. For the most part, Manager is only required to be updated monthly, but due to the amount of entries I update weekly.

For many, this is a non-issue as as been pointed out. For some it would be a great feature. I only hope the idea is reviewed by the programmers, even if they decide not to implement it. Hate to see ideas shot down just because some people or even most do things differently. We are not all carbon copies of one another.

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