Users with Restricted Access cannot create new reports

As a site Admin, I would like the ability to restrict users from changing any data, but I would like restricted users to be able to run reports for the reports they are granted access to.

And, if they cannot create a report, then they should not see the ‘New Report’ button on the page.

Similarly, the Summary page should not display the Customize link unless the user is able to use the functionality to show balances for a specified period.

1.) For the time being, if you want users to be in read-only mode, they won’t be able to create new reports so you need to create these reports ahead of time, then they will be able to view them. In future, I will look into this use-case.
2.) New Report button doesn’t matter since Create button on the form will be still disabled. In future, New Report button will be hidden.
3.) Users can customize Summary tab if they have ability to use “Update” button. If you don’t want them to see figures on “Summary” screen, don’t give them access to it at all and give them access only to relevant reports.

Hi @lubos, i suggest too, that the restricted user should have permission to create new reports. he is not creating any transactions. view only but to his given parameters.

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