Connect from different computer in server edition

I’m new on Manger program so i download the program on my windows server 2012 r2 and extract the server edition it work on server browser , but when i need to connect another computer with it on “”, so how to connect the computer with the server is the loopback address, it will only work on the server.
From another computer you would need to use the server’s assigned IP address or domain name to connect.
You also need to make sure the port you are using for manager is not blocked by any firewall configurations.

No offence intended, but this is rather basic networking, you may be better suited with either the desktop or cloud edition.


i think if will not try you will never learn … that’s why i’m asking

I agree and that is why I provided some assistance.

Honestly though, an accounting package seems a strange place to learn server administration. Most would start more along the lines of running a personal website and scale outwards from there.

If you are just testing and learning, even Windows Server is a bit overkill. Plenty of what you can do with Windows Server can be done with the consumer Windows; IIS can be installed, as can stacks like WAMP. Plus, you’d likely be better off learning with Linux servers as they are more widely in use.

Now, I’m sure most of this is largely out of the scope of this forum and you would find other resources much more useful in your endeavours, such as places like StackExchange, etc.

Anything specific to Manager and I’m sure you’ll find ample support here.
I wish you well with your learning.

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