Server edition upgrades

If I purchase the server edition, do I get all the new features for free in the form of updates?

Yes, all product updates for next 12 months are included for free.

I am considering to buy the server edition. However, there is no information available regarding what happens after the 12 months…
What will an update cost after the 12 months? (If I have to pay $200 yearly, what’s the point of the server edition if I can pay $29 annually more for the cloud edition and safe myself the hassle and server costs)

Maintenance will be at 50% of the cost. But as you said, it’s almost always better deal to be on cloud edition which is hassle-free and without additional server costs.

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sir, this software is really helpful. I just want to confirm if it is secure and reliable to pay 19$ a month? none of my friends recommend me to do so. I am really confused and my trial version has just 2 days remaining. Please any suggestions?

@Muhammad_Amir, while I have great respect for NGSoftware and they seem to have many happy, cloud-based users, please consider what you are asking. No software vendor is going to tell you their software is insecure or unreliable. That would be something like asking a fox if your chickens are safe in their coop. :wink:

Your best assurance is to scan this forum. Technical problems, you will find, are addressed with amazing speed. To my knowledge, no one has ever complained of security problems. Of course, no system is completely secure. We read almost daily of the most sophisticated organizations in the world being hacked.

Wow am now discovering this, so the Server is not one-time purchase. You will have to pay 50% of the cost for every upgrade after one year? I need to explain this very well to a client I am convincing to forgo WaveApps and quickbooks for

This is optional. If the version you have purchased is meeting your requirements, then you can use it forever.

If there is some feature in the very latest version you really want and it has been more than 12 months since last purchase, then you can purchase the upgrade with 50% discount.

@lubos okay so let say I purchased it and updated for free the 12 months following the purchase. Then after the twelve month after purchase I paid (second payment) in order to get update, I will enjoy another 12 months of free update after the second payment?



What other payment method apart from credit card payment method can a buyer use to get the application.

And any trick to let the server start on itself anytime I start the server? I copied a shortcut to the automatic start up folder in windows and though it shows on the list, the application doesn’t lunch

In may experience, i use nssm for autostart on windows and make it like windows service. do like this

  1. Install Manager Desktop Version (there include server edition, do you know this?)
  2. Make .bat file with call function on folder that Manager installed
  3. Make .bat file autostart with nssm (

i wish this help you.

Will try and give feedback

Works well, thanks for the tip ahmadsetioaji. Make sure to specify your data directory in arguments of the service configuration or like in my case I’m running it as system and it will default to system’s storage which you don’t want.

We just recently got started on Server edition. We like it and it has been working well. However the new update seems to have broken our ability to send invoices via email. Once our first year is up you said that if we are happy we can remain at that version without paying the 50%. If things like the ability to email are broken when updates release then keeping a version without buying updates isn’t really an option,correct? I don’t see how you can say that we can keep a version we like if updates will break it.

Can you provide more information? Do you get any error?

Let me clarify… I have not yet installed the update. I now get the error:
The remote name could not be resolved: ‘
From looking here on the forums I assume its the update required to resolve the issue. I plan to install the update tomorrow as we are within the first year. I am just concerned that once we go beyond the first year I would be forced to purchasing into the upgrade program for these types of events.
Maybe I am mistaken and my issue is completely unrelated to the upgrade. If so I would gladly start a different thread to work through the resolution.

You need to upgrade.

As you can see, the email function in older versions was relying on external server called which was finally switched off.

The newer versions have no such a dependency and is completely self-contained. This was done to achieve exactly what you are after, software that can work indefinitely.

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Pls can u post the one by one step to do this.
I have tried this nssm thing but is is not just working. Note that I use win7 as server is.