If I don't upgrade Server version

I use Desktop version its fantastic software.
Now, I am planning to use server version from Desktop version.
However, I would like to know that what would happen if I don’t upgrate my server version at the end of one year. Can I still used that as a server.

Seng Tu

yes. but you will not get product updates and support if you do not renew.

help on the forum is always available for all users of Manager.

I plan to provide bookkeeping service but I am new to Server.
If I shut down my server computer, Can my clients still access from other computers to their accounting data?


The question you ask suggests that you may not have the necessary system administration skills to run the server edition, especially for remote access by outside clients. You should consider the cloud edition. You could set up your clients as users. Then you never need to worry about maintenance, upgrades, backups, etc.

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Thank you for your advice, but the reason I want to use Server version is that i want to use Manager at one time payment.

Then understand the server edition is meant for those who already have the skills to set it up and maintain it. This forum will not be the place to get help with installation, operation, etc.

I am curious - you list ‘service’ as part of the Server edition. I was under the impression that ALL service (help) was done through the forum. What extra if any do you get with Server? I won’t need help setting up the server edition - at least I don’t expect to, my IT guy should be able to handle it as he has done things like this for us before.

Who are you addressing this to, @KrisK, and what do you mean? The only mention of “service” in this thread was another person’s statement on providing bookkeeping service.

None. You understand correctly that help comes through the forum (unless you have a billing problem).

Sorry, I should have used the work support. (In my business we count service and support as being the same thing.)
“get product updates and support”