Server edition questions

I’ve just completed moving my info into the desktop version of this from FusionInvoice. Now since it is so easy to migrate to the server addition I have just a few questions!

  1. In either version can you send invoices, quotes and statements to multiple email accounts?
  2. One important feature that Fusion has is a client portal view, where my clients can login and see statements, invoices and quotes just for their customer account. They can also approve/deny the quotes I’ve made. Is it planned to include this in future releases of the server edition?
  3. I absolutely love the design features you have, are you planning graphical charting in the future?

Just great work and any answers to my questions is always greatly appreciated!

  1. All features in desktop edition are also present in server and cloud editions.
  2. It’s coming this year.
  3. In future, there will be ability to create charts from your data. Saying that, I think most users shouldn’t use it because standard reports are just easier to read and interpret in most cases but if you have a lot of historical data and would like to see some sort of trend, then charts might be useful.
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I appreciate your answers. I’m confused about email though, is it possible to send invoice / quotes to multiple email addresses now? If so, how?

You can if you separate email addresses by comma , or semicolon ;;

Thanks, will definitely start putting money aside for the server edition when client access is built up. Outstanding product you’re developing.