E-mail account, offices and backup

I have downloaded the desktop version and it seems very functional. However, I want to ask how can I create a safety backup (in case my PC crashes and I have not bought the cloud option for example) with all these useful info that I will have in the software.

What is your e-mail and where are your offices? Also, if someone purchases the cloud version, how can he be sure that noone else is able to see his sensitive/private company information?

For backup/restore procedures, please check this wiki article.

Now to your other questions.

  • Our email address is hello@manager.io. The reason our contact details are not prominently on our website is because unfortunately we don’t have resources to communicate with website visitors individually.

  • We operate from Sydney, Australia but that’s not really important. We are committed to create accounting software that will work equally anywhere in the world (English & Non-English).

  • Regarding cloud edition, it is just a convenient hosting service we provide because there is a demand for it. We are using Amazon as our hosting provider, here is what they have to say about security. If you don’t trust us or them, then you can purchase server edition which works the same as cloud edition but hosted by yourself.