How to Configure Server 2012 R2

I have installed server version on my server and every thing working fine when using the server the problem are I tried every thing to connect to the server from local and internet all failed to connect

I searched the forum topics and none of the suggested solved the issue

Is there a proper guide from manager company so I can read and follow the instructions as what show on the webpage very poor instructions


The Server version is aimed at businesses that have the capability to properly install, operate and manage server based software. This requires a certain level of expertise to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that backups are done in a timely manner and updates installed as and when required without too much disruption to the business.

This expertise can be in-house or can be hired in as needed.

Otherwise, you might be better off using the Cloud version and concentrating on the business rather than the IT.

The fact that you are having difficulties in installing the software and getting it to operate would suggest that you need to get some paid IT help from an outside agency or move to the Cloud version

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See the guide
Self-Hosting: Self-host a Manager installation

Including the link to windows server set up

Make sure you have configured your firewall to accept inbound and outbound traffic on the port you have dedicated to Manager, the default port is 8080.

Problem solved and every think working find both on local network and internet

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