Server edition in my www.mydomain.tld

Can I install “Manager Server Edition” in my hosting space mydomain.tld ?

The fact that you are asking this question, make me wonder whether you have the necessary knowledge and staff to install and manage a server.

The answer is probably that yes you can but you would need to look at your contract with your domain provider.


Thank you for your reply!
I do have the necessary knowledge, but probably I am not as smart as you are!

Is there any specific reason to look the contract? Can I install it just like any other software of the same category, that successfully running at my domain right now? (as vtiger, dolibarr etc).

How can I answer that question? you will have to read the T & Cs attached to your contract with the hosting provider.
I have no expertise in the area of using hosting services and I cannot comment on what they might or might not allow.

In any case, thank you for your efforts!

If anyone knows about it, please post a reply.
What I conclude up to now is: I can install it in a Dedicated Server, running Ubuntu.
I finally managed to find out that: in a Shared Hosting Environment (without Ubuntu) cannot be done, in an attempt to help any other person that has the same question.

Did you read the server installation instructions?

Yes I did!

Tut, being more precise, all the hosting packages I have booked are running CentOS Linux and are most of them shared.
The Manager Server Edition, as far as I can see, can be installed, as a web based program, in Ubuntu Linux and certainly not in a shared package (but in a Dedicated or VPS hosting).

Of cource, one can say that there is the Manager Cloud Version. Yes, I do realise that there is also the Cloud Version.

From what i know the manager is a software not a hosting package not an webapp
ita has an .exe in windows and whatever equivalent linux use (not expert in linux)

you need an “virtual machine” to install it to
a dedicated server shared one or whatever

then if you want you can link the ip of the manager from the server to the domain you want to use

in vm with ubuntu 16.4 it run very smooth one my friend tested it