Firewall problem

Firstly, I have searched the forums for answers to my problem but have not found a solution.

I can access the server edition from inside my LAN and from the internet if my Win10 private network firewall is turned off.

But no access from within or without if private network firewall is on.

The LAN connection is configured as a private network.

The server is listening on port 222.

Have enabled managerserver.exe to communicate thru the firewall.
Have specifically enabled port 222 in Inbound and Outbound Rules for connection on TCP and UDP

What have I missed please?

try using port above 1080 like 5555 or 2222

Discuss from this post. Server Edition not accesible over lan

To solve both of you issues at one go.

Thanks @acecombat2, however I still have the problem.
I’ve changed everything to 2222 and can access Manager fine if the private network firewall is turned off.
But nothing if it is on even though 2222 is allowed in inbound and outbound rules for both tcp and udp.
Confirming using W10 fully updated and ManagerServer 18.7.45

A few questions:

  1. What are you you running the server on?
  2. What is stopping you from using port 80 or 443?

I have not fought a lot with windows firewall things. But maybe we can get it onto a port that windows is expecting to be browsable.

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Didn’t thought about it beforehand since I had not have this issue before.

The other possibility I had in mind is not the windows firewall, but third party application installed along the antivirus of sort.

Another, is the device used for browsing itself blocking outbound connection @ default setting (company used pc) . Which is less likely the issue. Since the server can be accessed without the firewall.

The workaround is using third party service tunnel like ‘ngrok’.