Seprate custom field tax coloumn

i searched the forum on this but unable to find suitable topic on it.
Is it possible to show seprate custom tax coloumn for each product price and tax charged on it automatically as per the inventory items selected. @lubos
as it is helpful for distributer or who deals in multiple large quantities of goods for their retailers.

No, you cannot do what you ask. Each line item shows the tax rate applied, but not the tax amount. All necessary Indian tax codes are built-in. When used, the total amount of tax for each tax code is shown in the totals section of the invoice. Have you read the Guide: Manager Cloud?

but it will be a good option as by viewing that column, anyone can easily understand how much tax is applied on each of the specified product. so i guess a person whoever deals in bulk goods will surely be benefited by it.
i am not comparing with other softwares but whoever is providing that feature must have a reason behind that.