Hiding tax column

How to hide tax column?

Go to Settings tab, click Customize button and uncheck Tax codes feature.

When I uncheck Tax codes feature, it will disable tax functions completely, but I just want to hide the tax column on quote or invoice.

Tax column doesn’t show if tax codes are the same on all line items. In your example, one line item has different tax code from others so tax column is shown to indicate which amounts are taxable supplies.

However, looking at your example, I see that this doesn’t quite work correctly if one line item is with 0.00 amount. Check the latest version (14.5.9) which now takes in consideration line items with 0.00 amounts so tax column should be hidden in this case.

It’s fixed now, many thanks

Can somebody help me on hiding the Tax Column on Invoice? I don’t want to display Tax column preceeding Amount, but i need to display the Tax value below on Sub Total. Thanks in advance!

Doing what you mention would be in violation of India’s tax regulations, which require that the tax rate applied be shown for each line item on a tax invoice.

If you insist on doing this, it can be done with a custom theme. But this forum is not the place for instruction on how to do that. If you don’t have the programming skills necessary, hire a local programmer.