Hiding tax column

How to hide tax column?

Go to Settings tab, click Customize button and uncheck Tax codes feature.

When I uncheck Tax codes feature, it will disable tax functions completely, but I just want to hide the tax column on quote or invoice.

Tax column doesn’t show if tax codes are the same on all line items. In your example, one line item has different tax code from others so tax column is shown to indicate which amounts are taxable supplies.

However, looking at your example, I see that this doesn’t quite work correctly if one line item is with 0.00 amount. Check the latest version (14.5.9) which now takes in consideration line items with 0.00 amounts so tax column should be hidden in this case.

It’s fixed now, many thanks

Can somebody help me on hiding the Tax Column on Invoice? I don’t want to display Tax column preceeding Amount, but i need to display the Tax value below on Sub Total. Thanks in advance!

Doing what you mention would be in violation of India’s tax regulations, which require that the tax rate applied be shown for each line item on a tax invoice.

If you insist on doing this, it can be done with a custom theme. But this forum is not the place for instruction on how to do that. If you don’t have the programming skills necessary, hire a local programmer.

This software is not being use by Indian only. In Nigeria, the authority want the vat or tax to be shown below not in every item like in Manager. The developer needs to consider other countries for this features in their next update

First of all this is a reply to a very old post but nevertheless now very relevant with the new localizations approach. @Lubos let us know that in this new system you should use the standard theme if for example wanting a QR code displayed. Customizations to that theme should be programmed in extensions using Java. So rather than becoming more user cusomizable things will be “locked” for many. In such scenario it becomes shear impossible for users to eliminate columns such as displaying VAT per line item. This not only affects Nigeria (240 million people) but also other countries where it is not a requirement. If anything displaying line-item VAT on receipts and invoices will be confusing for many as they are not used to this. As such I also would support the request for the possibility to enable/disable this.

In hand generated invoices it is more efficient to calculate taxes for the entire invoice.

In computerised accounting system taxes it is far easier to do all calculation and rounding at the line item level otherwise rounding differences must be tracked and arbitrary allocated.

In a computerised accounting system which calculates taxes at the line item level, the results of the calculation at line item level must be shown to substantiate the totals.

By far the majority of jurisdictions allow rounding at the line item level even if they do not encourage it.

While it clearly is not my business decision to make, I would be surprised if the accounting software market returns in the few jurisdictions which explicitly ban rounding at the line item level, would justify the software cost of implementing and maintaining a complete change in the way Manager does it’s accounting.

In my opinion there are other limitations far more strategically important to Managers ongoing viability as an accounting system (such as electronic reporting and B2B electronic invoicing). So invoice level rounding may qualify as an idea, however given it’s cost benefit it is a very low priority idea in my opinion.

I am not sure how invoice level rounding is practical when different line items are taxed at different rates.
also, I am not sure which jurisdiction would want an invoice where it is unclear which line item is taxed at what rate. definitely not where taxes are based on goods and services.

@Patch, I am not arguing the entry I am arguing that it will be sheer impossible in the near future to develop themes that hide these.

Which is a good thing otherwise the invoice would show unjustified tax totals which many customers would argue are wrong.

Showing the line item tax is a cost of using a modern electronic accounting system.

I disagree. In countries such as Nigeria, but also many European countries such as Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands it is very common to only show the total VAT below the Total amount. Some invoices mention the VAT % per line item, but I have not seen any large nor small company Invoice that includes for example the amount per line. On retail receipts in none of the countries above I have seen the line item VAT % nor amounts only the summ of VAT. So, it is not that it should satisfy your needs, we also need our needs supported. As mentioned this becomes an issue when we can not change the themes as we can do now.

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I checked the latest version and I didn’t see a tax amount column. What am I missing here?