Tax code available in Purchase & Supplier Invoice listing


Is there a way for us to see the tax codes applied for the invoices without going into the individual individuals? If not available, can this be added?


You can add it to the Purchase Invoices tab listing by creating a custom field and setting that custom field to show as a column. But that requires that you remember to always fill in the custom field. And it would apply to the entire invoice, including possibly untamable items.

Does the Tax Transactions report tell you what you want? Try that and see. I am curious what the purpose would be.


The tax transaction shows me the ones the tax code has been applied, but I want to check if any had been missed out. Just like to simplify internal audit. Instead of going into each invoice, I would like to know is it possible to have it in one glance to capture human error.


I understand what you want, but that is not possible. The reason is that various line items on the invoice might not all have the same tax code. For example, at a retail store selling a range of goods, food items might be taxed at one rate while clothing is taxed at another. So a single invoice might have multiple rates applied on different lines, including some with none.

If you are selling Inventory, you can set a tax code within the Inventory Item setup.
Similarly with Chart of Accounts, you can set a tax code per account setup.

That way, when ever these are entered the default is with tax code.
This may resolve the need of having to check for any missed out.

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