How to show tax on each line of product separately?

How should i make manager to show taxes on Quotation and Invoices as:

Manager does not calculate tax that way. Nor do most other accounting packages. Tax is calculated on the sum of items subject to a specific tax, not on individual line items.

Why do you need this? It makes the invoice more complicated to look at. I’m pretty sure it’s not a legal requirement.

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That is no illegal. This will help if there are multiple line items and different type of taxes are charged on few.

How to calculate Tax 2 after adding Tax 1 in the amount

Not sure what you mean by this. Can you demonstrate by some screenshot?

This is 100% legal in Pakistan and we are guided by Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan to issue tax invoices in format i uploaded in my post. I am using the magical software for running my business and i m thankful for the great efforts of developers of But i m issuing invoices manually to customers as is not fulfilling my invoicing requirement. Therefor you are requested to kindly work on this, i ll really appreciate your work.

i m uploading an invoice but the forum says (sorry, new users are not allowed to upload documents).

@naseerkhattak, try again.

By the way, when I search Google Images using following querty site:pk invoice I find a lot of invoice examples issued in Pakistan where GST amount is not calculated on each line item.

You say it is a legal requirement. Do you have a link to government document which claims that?

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Your link is not to a government document that requires individual line item tax amounts. It is merely to a commercial web site that offers a variety of forms.

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For example in Greece there is no one VAT. There is 3 or 4 different VAT indipense the products by law.

You can specify tax by line item. But the taxes are calculated based on the subtotal of line items subject to each type of tax. The sales invoice will show the amount for each tax code, just not the tax for each line item.

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Dear Tut,
You are correct in all your guidance. But you are again requested to kindly add this feature as we need it very badly in Quotations.

Description Unit Price GST Amount
Fax Machine KX-FT983CX 1000 170 1170
Fax Machine KX-FT987CX 2000 340 2340

Total is not needed as we are quoting different Options.
Your support will be highly appreciated.

I am not the developer.