Emails on summary page

I have recently uploaded the latest desktop version and the Email tab on the summary page is not available. Please advise how I can reinstate it to see all my sent emails. I have had this issue before and found the solution in the Guides but am unable to find it anymore. Would appreciate your assistance

You need to update your software again. The tab was removed and then returned to the program.

Hello Tut, I updated the desktop software from the 2nd August to today the 19th August and it still does not work. Running Windows 10 and 64 bit

What version number?

Where are you getting your update from?

13 Aug 2021


Added ability to track whether email sent from Manager has been viewed (see topic)




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The current version is 21.8.37

Update again

@Mifs, what you showed is not your version number. That is a portion of the Releases page, which announces feature additions and major bug fixes. Your version number is in grey at the bottom of the Manager window.

Also, is the tab enabled under Customize?

Thanks Joe and Tut,
the email tab is now under the customize, which I clicked and all works as it did before. As always thank you so much for the prompt replies and solutions

All fixed.

The email tab reappeared in the customize section, which I clicked and all is well

Kind regards