Send copy of every email

I wonder why even after selecting “send a copy of every email to this address”, emails sent from Manager don’t show in the designated email address as shown in the screenshot below, What could possibly be the matter? Thank you.

It’s better if you use custom SMTP server. Some email providers won’t deliver emails without that.

For this reason, in future, the only way to send emails will be via custom SMTP server.

Thank you @lubos. I have done as you’ve suggested and Manager reported “Test Email Sent Successfully.” The test mail now reflects in my email account. Thanks again.

Ok, I suppose I should just post an update. When I test the email in Manager, it says “Test Email Sent Successfully.” This would suggest that the SMTP settings are functional, right? Indeed, as I’ve stated in my previous post, the test email does arrive in my selected email address.

However, when I try and send an actual email, it does not reflect in the selected address. I am confused as I cannot reconcile why the test mail reflects and the real mail does not. Your response is welcome and appreciated.

If the SMTP test works, and if message appears in Manager’s Email tab, then either you put in the wrong destination email address, or it was sent to Spam by the recipient.

@Jon, the destination was correct and no, it was not sent to spam. However, I did inspect sent items in the recipient address and realized all emails sent from reflected correctly. I guess I erroneously expected them to reflect in the inbox and that’s why I ended up being unable to view them. It’s all sorted out now. Thanks a lot.

I have set up my emails to be sent via and it is working great, I see that you are going to be changing so that we have to use custom SMTP server and I was wondering how I set up for that? It would be good to have the sent emails in my sent folder too. I had a play around but couldn’t work it out. I would appeciate your help with this. Thanks, I am loving the program.I did notice that there is no guide for setting up emails, that would be a big help too.