Email function not working

I upgraded manager to receive the benefits of email tracking and my emails just wont go through.
I sent a test message to myself and it appears in the log as not viewed but it just will not show up in my inbox.
Any thoughts?

I checked the logs and it looks like Yahoo will not deliver emails to you from Manager because you are sending it from email address but using non-Yahoo mail server which Yahoo considers suspicious.

See: Help for your Yahoo Account

The solution is to either send emails to customers from default email address or use custom SMTP server.

There will be some changes in Manager which will restrict email function a bit so there aren’t these deliverability issues anymore. Users will be encouraged to use their custom SMTP servers or settle for sending emails from email address only.

Thanks for your response. Obviously if i use the default address they will not be able to reply directly to the mail. I’ll will have to check out SMTP server because I am not knowledgeable in that department. Thanks again.

Could you guide me in how to set up SMTP?

Do you have SMTP server details? If you have, just check Custom SMTP checkbox in Email settings and enter information such as host/port/username/password etc.