How do I track emails

Since my last update I am unable to track my emails.I used to be able to see when it was viewed

That capability was removed quite some time ago to reduce reliance on external servers, especially for desktop edition users.

ok thanks, one of my customers keeps telling me that he does not receive my emails and would like to have been able to see if he had opened them.

Just a simple way of tracking whether the email is successfully sent from Manager is to include your email address in the “to” field at the time of sending. In my case I include my company’s generic service account for all manager emails sent. This at least gives you peace of mind that the message has been delivered out to the Internet. Provided you have the recipients email address correct they should receive it as well.

The office staff can also check the generic service email account to determine what has been sent and when. Unfortunately it will not tell you if the recipient has read message or not. The forum has mentioned somewhere that there are third party tools available that can can confirm when messages are in fact read by your recipients.

This is no longer necessary. On the Settings > Email Settings page, specify your company’s email address and tick the adjacent box labelled Send a copy of every email to this address. A copy (bcc) of every email you send from Manager will also be sent to your address. If you receive it, then you know that it went out. You do not have to specify your address in the To field as well.

As far as tracking whether the customer opened the email, now that you can send HTML-formatted email in Manager (just select HTML from the Email sending format drop-down on the same Email Settings page), you can manually insert a web beacon in an IMG tag in each outgoing message. You’ll need to get a very tech-savvy employee or consultant to work this out for you, and you’ll need either your own web server or a beacon-tracking service and a way of keeping track of which beacon goes with which email message. And keep in mind that each time you either open the emailed bcc or display the email message in Manager, you’ll trigger a beacon hit as well. (Of course, if the recipient has “view images” turned off, then neither this nor any other email tracking service will work.) It’s not at all straightforward, but it’s technically feasible. Exactly how to do it would be well beyond the scope of this forum.

Thanks Jon for the tip “On the Settings > Email Settings page, specify your company’s email address and tick the adjacent box labelled Send a copy of every email to this address.” :sunglasses:

Thanks all very helpfull

I have done this email setting long before. My customers are getting my emails but i never received a copy to my own email id.


I can confirm that the feature works, it works consistently, and it works well.

Are you sure you have your email address correct in the settings (no extra spaces, for example, or dots replaced by commas)? Are you sure you’ve checked the “send me a copy” box? You might try changing the address to something else and unchecking the box, saving, and then typing the correct address and checking the box anew, just to be sure.

Check your spam folder, too, in case the copies-to-self are being trapped there. You might also look in your Sent Mail folder, as some email systems automatically move incoming mail that has your own return address directly into the Sent Mail folder without stopping in the Inbox.

If emails are not received and you are not using custom SMTP server, this is because you are sending them from business email address (rather than from default This will cause problems because many email servers will think someone is pretending to be you (phishing) and will quietly discard your emails. Yahoo mail servers are doing this for example.

To solve this issue, I plan to remove in-built SMTP server from Manager and the only way to send emails will be via custom SMTP server. There will be tutorials how to set it up for Gmail and other common email providers. This is the only way to make email sending from Manager reliable.

Or, you could make selecting the Use custom SMTP server option a per-requisite for the Send a copy of every email to this address option. If the in-built SMTP server is chosen, then the Send a copy... option is unavailable.

It’s not just that… just like you might not be able to receive a copy, customers might not genuinely receive an email from Manager as well.

hi lubos
thank you Manager, wonderful product.

does manager keep a copy of our email if we send via default

@Julian, no - it doesn’t.

By the way, ability to send email via in-built SMTP will be eventually phased out and everyone will be required to use custom SMTP if they wish to send emails directly from Manager.

This is for security reasons but also to avoid email delivery issues some users have.