Copy of email not received

email copy is not received
please guide

Are you saying your intended recipient does not receive the email, or that you do not receive the copy at your own email address? If the latter, check your junk/spam folder.

i have check all but not received copy email

I have moved your question and replies to it to a new topic. This is not the same thing as emails not sending from the address in settings. In the future, please do not divert topics with unrelated subjects. That lessens your chances of obtaining help, because forum members will think you are addressing a different subject.

can you please suggest any solution of this error ?
email copy not received

It appears you are sending your emails from the SMTP server. Your email host or client may be blocking these emails as spam. Be sure you authorize the sending address. And check your junk mail or spam folder.

i have check all but not reviving copy email junk and spam

I’m sorry. I cannot diagnose email problems remotely, if at all. You are the only one reporting trouble getting copies of your emails when using the internal server. So there must be some issue with your setup or your provider. There is no evidence of a problem with Manager.

i have facing problem in only one account … i have run two Setup but one is working smoothly but only this account ui have facing problem (

It seems like about 3 months ago, you have marked one of the emails from Manager as spam. If you do that, we will honor the complaint and won’t send emails to this email address anymore.

Anyway, I have removed your email address from suppression list and you should be able to receive copy of emails now.

Bundle of thanks for sought out the above issue … now i am received the Copy of email