Self populating date doesn't update daily

Hi all,
We’ve been successfully using for a few weeks now and are settling into it well.
We are having a small issue though in that the automatically entered date on each form stays at an old date.

Today being 21/10/19, each form populates as 14/10/19.
I’ve tried deleting the date (also clicking X next to it) and then saving, but then it just uses eg 21/10/19 onwards… even when the date has moved on.

I hope I’m not being too stupid and apologies if I haven’t explained it very well.
Here’s a screenshot…

you are not supposed to set any date in the Form Defaults unless you want the same date to appear as a default every time you create a new transaction of the relevant form.

Thanks for that, however I agree that I don’t want a date in that field. No matter how I try to delete it, it’s always there. As above, I delete the date that has populated, click save, then if I return to the document/Form Defaults - the date is back again.

No matter how I try to remove the date, it always comes back and stays at that date unless I attempt it again eg it remained at 14/10/19


@lubos this looks like a bug. 19.10.23

  1. dates set under Form Defaults do not reflect on the actual forms. they default to the current date.
  2. also, when edited, the Date field for every form appears pre-filled with the current date under Form Defaults and is impossible to set it as blank.
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There was a bug. It was fixed 10 days ago. See Bug at Form Default for recovery procedure.

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@Tut the problem is you get only the current date. you cannot set any other date. it defaults back to current date even if you manually specify a different date.

Thanks very much for that information, very helpful.

Would I be right in saying I have to manually update our software? If so, is it simply a case of downloading the latest software from the main page?
Apologies, we are learning as we go!

We are using Server 19.10.13

Yes, that was the bug fix. Previously, if you entered any date manually, it appeared on all future transactions. Even if you entered today’s date, today’s date would come up tomorrow. The bug was that the default of always showing today’s date was not working. The intended behavior was that date was not a settable field on any form default, and now the program works as intended.

The exception is when cloning. A clone keeps the same date as the parent transaction.

Yes and yes. Do not uninstall anything first. Just install as you originally did, following the Guide for your operating system.

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ok understood. thanks for explaining :+1:

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Even if you entered today’s date, today’s date would come up tomorrow.

That was exactly the problem, thanks very much for all input

Thanks to all for the advice.
We updated to latest version and all good now :slight_smile: