Form Default Bug

A couple of months ago I edited the sales quote form default to include vat as default because not every quote comes from inventory which would include the vat as default.

This works perfectly, but I have just noticed now that quite a few of my sales quotes are all on the same day - Oct 17 (which is when I updated the form default). I have just tested it with a new business and it’s clear that if you edit a form default (say vat) the form defaults to the date that you edit the form default. You actually have to click the x to remove the date.

Hope that makes sense.

cannot reproduce this on ver.19.11.90

the form default for Sales Quotes initially shows today’s date and no matter what date I set intentionally, when creating a new sales quote it shows the current date, which is as the program is designed.

maybe it is a result of a prior bug which was fixed. @dalacor you may want to read the topic below.

@dalacor, what version are you using?

I am running 19.11.21 which is after 19.10.15 when it was supposed to be fixed. But I just tested this in a new business and it still does it. I will update to the latest version and see if it makes any difference.

Updating seems to have fixed it now. I will close this.