Bug at Form Default

form default shown Today Date Auto, we can’t delete it

please fix asap

19.10.6 is working correctly
currently we are using 19.10.13

Form defaults for all transaction types automatically include today’s date unless some other date has been entered. Manually entered dates will override the built-in default. But Manager will not allow you to create a transaction form default without a date. The program needs the date for many functions.

The Guide on how to record a receipt contains the following, and has since 2016:


The automatic completion with today’s date has been a feature of the program for years. The only thing that changed was how this is displayed under Form Defaults.

kindly investigate carefully
if you set today’s date as default, wait and see till tomorrow, will it change tomorrow date or not
i’m very sure and already check with diff version

If you manually enter today’s date, that will override the automatic default value. A transaction generated tomorrow will have today’s date.

What is the point of experimenting with outdated versions? As I already wrote, “The only thing that changed was how this is displayed under Form Defaults.” Behavior of the program did not change.

previously we just define another value, we didn’t define date

current version, we just define another value but system put date as today date, the next day date didn’t change

with version 19.10.11, we set custom field value at sales invoice, we didn’t define date
Today, all sales invoice default date change to Yesterday data

you should try to understand customer problems or investigate carefully
it was critical error

I did. I modeled the behavior of several transaction form defaults in a test company for current and past dates before answering your first post.

With respect, let me put this back to you. What do you mean by “the next day date didn’t change.” What do you mean by “the next day?” Where and when did a date not change? Did you expect it to change, and why? Your comment was not clear.

This sounds like you did, in fact, set a default date of yesterday. If you were editing the form default yesterday and entered yesterday’s date, that would override the built-in default, as I said before. So today, when creating a sales invoice, yesterday’s date would appear. The only way to be sure the date comes up as the current date is to delete any date in the field and update the form default. Manager will then substitute the built-in default of the current date. If you reopen the form default screen, today’s date will appear, but only because that is the current date. If you reopen the screen tomorrow, tomorrow’s date will be there.

In response to your insistence that I should investigate fully, I took the time to repeat all the tests I did before with version 19.10.13. The program behaves exactly as I described.

i just want to set default value for account 'cash ’ at receipt or payment
date remain ‘blank’

at version 19.10.13
even i set default value for account ‘cash’ , date set as ‘Today’ date, Tomorrow at receipt and payment it will shown only ‘9th oct 2019’, it will not change Today Date.

haven’t change nothing and it shown Today date default

You cannot.

That is because choosing Today from the pop-up calendar window writes the current date into the field, just as though you typed it manually:

It does not set an ever-changing date the way, for example, choosing Today in the dropdown box for editing Summary parameters does:


The processes are totally different.

on 10th Oct, set form default
(upload://5xY2Xl4h9smZ9cY40rxCSUCAlrp.png) ![3|690x389]
on 11th Oct, when we went to Payment and Receipt, Date shown 10th Oct, you can check with system date
@lubos please check and solve it out ASAP
I can send back up db if needed

@lubos announced in another thread he considers this a bug and knows what caused it.

Fixed in the latest version (19.10.15) so it doesn’t happen to new users but if you are already affected, in the latest version, go to Form Defaults, click Edit on affected form default and then Update button. This will fix form default so it will come up with current date by default.

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