Seeking version compatible with Mac OSX10.8.5

Good day, I’d like to update Manager cos since a while back already I cant email any invoices as Gmail just throws up an error message each time I tried. I figured its maybe a version issue. Could that be so?

But the problem to update is this: I work on a Mac OSX 10.8.5. My current Manager version is 18.5.41. The latest version on your site requires Mac OSX 10.9. Its not possible for me to update my system at present.

How/Where can I get a later version that is still compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.5 please.

Thank you for your reply

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The last version of Manager compatible with your machine was v19.5.3, which was replaced in May 2019. There is no public archive of old versions and no support for them. There have literally been thousands of updates since then.

Apple stopped supporting your version of macOS in September 2015, one month after it was released. If you have not noticed, there is probably no developer support for any application you are running, as most are likely 32-bit, and everyone has moved to only 64-bit. You’ve been living on borrowed time.

You should be able to resolve your email problem based on @Patch’s help. But that is also a sign of how the world marches on with ever-tighter security procedures. Meanwhile, your old version of Manager will work as long as your computer does. But you’ll be on your own for support.

@Patch & Tut
Thank you for your prompt replies. Will try the email settings.

@Tut Thank you for your advice. Tried the gmail “email settings” and I’m “good to go” again.