Email problem

Can anyone help with my email not working all of a sudden
Error: Name Resolution Failure

Is the message displayed

Upgrade to the latest version from

I am also having same error error: NameResolutionFailure when trying to email. I cannot upgrade due to old MAC. I need help please!

Then take the same corrective action.

Could you please put your Mac’s software version here? I don’t think it’s your Mac that’s not letting you upgrade to a newer version.

I think you will need Mac OS X 10.7 at least. Why not upgrade to it? I’m not sure how much Apple is charging for OS upgrades but I think it’s very little.

Just a quick note to say thanks very much! I was having problems with sending emails… Came here for help and seen there was a version update. I updated and the emails are sending again! I love Manager… it’s excellent! Thanks very much


Kindly share with me the details for the update version you have. I have downloaded the Manager but still facing an emailing problem. How can this be sorted out?

Hi Jackie. I had the same problem. My emails would not send so I came to the forum and seen someone mentioned updating the version of Manager. There was a link to the Manager website. I just clicked the link to the website, updated the version of Manager, closed everything down, restarted the computer and it all worked again.