Searching for products on sales order/purchase orders/invoices


This guide explicitly says that: * Searches cover information visible on screen, but not content of underlying subsidiary ledgers, items, registers, or transactions.

How can i search on a list of invoices and find where a particular item has been invoiced?

There are at least three ways:

  • In the Inventory Items tab, drill down on the quantity owned. That will show you all transactions affecting the item. Then search for “sales invoice” to restrict the list to those sold on sales invoices.
  • From the Summary tab, drill down on the Inventory - sales account balance. Then search for “sales invoice item name”.
  • In the Reports tab, create a Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. Then drill down on the total for the inventory item.

Sales and purchase orders, on the other hand, have no financial impact. So you cannot search for inventory items included in them via account balances or quantity reports.