How to search sold items via code?

I want check specific item which I have sold before 4-6 months.
How to search that specific item within sale invoices tab or some thing else way.

Just enter some text you think will be somewhere on the invoice in the search box in the Sales Invoices listing. This could be the customer’s name, the item name, the price, or anything else. Manager treats all search arguments as text strings. The more you type, the more restricted the results will be.

You can also click on the invoice totals under the Customers tab if you know who you sold it to. Or create a customer statement in Reports.

There are probably a 100 ways to find something. Just be creative, using whatever you can remember about the invoice.

Here is the main problem.
I have daily basis cash customers and I don’t know which invoice have the specific item which I sold before 4 months ago.
And I don’t want to check one by one invoice and search within it what desire item I want from there.

Below is the chart of the sale
In this chart I created these invoices with “Interest Received” so my question is that how to find out my desire item or other things which has inside the invoices probably 4 months ago.

It might help you. just go into inventory and click on quantity of that specific item. then check the range of probable date.