Search goods receipts by order numbers

With the new update, we are not able to search goods receipts with the order numbers. What is the solution?

You need to use Edit columns (bottom of the goods receipts tab) and enable order numbers (see screenshot)

The order number column is already checked.

Order number is mentioned on the goods receipts, but in the list it’s empty

Please show the edit screen of the goods receipt and also of the purchase order.

Also ensure you have installed at least Manager v23.4.18.790

Mine is a cloud version. I have not created the PO in Manager.

How do you expect to search for something you are not using?

As you kept order number optional it is as @Tut explains something you are not using otherwise you would have selected order Number and/or Invoice number.

But with the earlier versions, it was possible. We would manually enter the order numbers and could search with that number.

The values put in the slot next to the reference number ( on my ss) was the one that would show in the list.

You did not select the order number in the edit screen (see screenshot you sent where I added red circle) so it will never show until you select it. That is true for all versions of Manager and nothing new.

[Added] I just reread your posts and realize that you do not create purchase orders so therefore can not select it. I also think that you refer to the confusing second order number that existed in the past and fortunately got eliminated to actually prevent doing what you try to do and assign an order number that is not based on an actual purchase order. Discussions about why that extra number was removed are posted elsewhere in this forum and you can search for it and read about it.

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Thank you, understand.
For future orders, we will create purchase orders. But it’s not possible to create the POs retrospectively in the system. We have been searching for goods receipts with this as a reference for years. Is there any solution?

Only solution is to create custom field and use Batch Update and populate that field with numbers that you want to search on.

That is true, but that capability was removed years ago when status monitoring was added. Either your previous version was far out of date or you actually do not search as you described very frequently and, therefore, did not notice.

Yes, it is. You can do this individually or with Batch Create.

As I said earlier, we use cloud version, doesn’t the update happen automatically for the cloud version? The person who creates goods receipts says he could search with order numbers till recently. I said it’s not possible to create POs retrospectively in the sense it’s not feasible. Would you please explain how to ‘batch create’ POs?

Only when a PO was created otherwise the person you quote is wrong.

The same way you Batch Create any form of transaction. Read the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager.