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I need to do searches using the invoice ORDER #. Is that possible? I’ve looked in the guide section but have not found anything there. Thank you.


What do you mean by invoice - sales invoice or purchase invoice?

Sales Invoices have a field Order Number. If this is entered then you can search using the Order Number on the Sales Invoices Tab

Purchase Invoices do not have an Order Number but have an Invoice Number field. Is this what you mean?

Each spring I take pre-orders for tomato plants. Each order I take gets an order # and that # is written on the box that holds the plants. I then place that order # on each sales invoice in the place that says order number. I want to use this order number for seaching instead of the customer name.

Perfect, so.

here’s an example using the Northwind test business

On the Sales Invoice list you can see the Order Number column and if you put the order number in the search field, click on search up comes the invoices with the order number

Have you tried reading the guides - for example this one Search for records | Manager explains how to search?

@dori, the Order number field @Joe91 refers to is meant for the sales order, if you are using that tab. A sales order number will actually copy into that field automatically if you use the Copy to function. See Use the Copy to function | Manager.

But sales orders have no financial effect. They are just shortcuts for recording information that can be later turned into a sales invoice. So you don’t need to use them. You can manually enter a number in the field on sales invoices as you are doing now. However, your situation sounds like a good one for using sales orders because of the delay between pre-orders and sales invoices. See Create sales orders | Manager.

If I’m looking for order # 6 every 6 comes up from years past not just order #'s and I have to scroll down till I find the 6 I’m looking for. This is not helpful to me so I guess I’ll continue to struggle along as before.

Thanks for responding.

Yes, I did that before posting here. I end up with the same results.

Thanks for trying.

Thanks Tut. I do not use Sales Orders, only the invoices. When it’s time for tomato delivery I look them up by order # but each year I start from order # 1 so there are duplicate numbers showing up from previous years. Then if that number happens to be in anything else it shows up too and I have to scroll down to find the one I want. It’s no help to me when I’m in a hurry. If that is the best way, then I’ll learn to live with it.

Is there a way to ‘hide’ all years but the current one you are working in?


when you are planning to track something in a business you should always give unique reference for the same.

in your case, you could enter the order numbers as O-19-00001 where O represents its an order, 19 represents the year, and followed by the actual order number.

now when you search for O-19-00026 you will get only one result.

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Thank you. I will try this and it worked. Thank you so much.

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