Goods Receipt Order Number Missing

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When copying a Purchase Order to a Goods Receipt, it no longer has an automatic box showing the Order Number. This is something our accounts payable team use on a daily basis. Can this be reinstated please?

No, it will not be reinstated. Order numbers on goods receipts now apply only to previously created purchase orders, which in turned are linked to specific suppliers. This supports status tracking of purchase orders. (The same relationships exist for sales transactions.) Previously existing content in the free-text Order field is preserved, but that only applies to historical transactions. If you want to keep entering free text, you need a custom field.

There are many topics on the forum addressing this, although most focus on the sales side. Search for “order” to find them.

This was also discussed at length in the lead article in the July newsletter. You should subscribe to it if you have not.

Quite disappointing. It’s fine discussing it in length in the articles but realistically we don’t have time to track changes being made until they directly affect us as the end user.

From what was a seamless function is now very clunky and creates extra work for us. The custom field option will not work as a solution as the screenshot I showed will no longer populate the information in the same way.

It always worries me that if we create a work around, that will too be changed at some point.

Which screen? What’s the difference between the old way and the new way of displaying information?

Detailed descriptions are always welcome.

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How? You obviously have purchase orders and assign references to them. When you select a supplier on the purchase invoice or goods receipt, a list of that suppliers’ purchase orders appears:

This prevents you from accidentally entering the purchase order of a different supplier. If you copy the purchase order to a purchase invoice or goods receipt, the field is populated automatically. Where is the extra work?

By the way, your subject referred to a missing item rather than a mising order number. I corrected that.

As I stated above and as shown in the original screen shot, the column showing “Order Number” no longer populates. If the user is to look for a specific purchase order to show whether it is Goods Receipted, they can no longer see from the initial screen and would have to select every goods receipt note individually until they have found it - if it even exists.

I think the point is being missed here.

Actually, what you wrote was:

And that is what you circled in yellow in a screen shot. If your real issue is the availability of information in the Goods Receipts tab listing, you should have mentioned that, in addition to using a subject that actually covered the topic. You would have received a different answer, such as the following:

In many cases, tab listings do not currently show information that some users find useful, because layouts were designed to present information used by the program. Additionally, an effort has been underway for the past several weeks to standardize content between tabs.

No matter what is shown by default, some users will not be satisfied. Therefore the developer announced a plan to allow users to customize what is displayed on individual tab listings. Your existing free-text order numbers are not being removed from the database. But their display in the tab listing will be up to you. Regardless, you will need to shift to the new method of order designation going forward.

You may also find it helpful to convert old transactions to the new approach using Batch Update. This would be a one-time event.

I didn’t come on here to be met with animosity, I simply wanted to know why it was removed and if it could be re-instated.

Forget the topic, we will work around the best we can and continue making the annual payment.

Thank you for your help.

No animosity was intended. I apologize if you took it that way. I just wanted to let you know how important it is to be precise when describing issues on the forum. That helps you get better responses.

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